Since I completed the research in 2011 I have been presenting this kaupapa around the country to a variety of audiences, including as keynote speaker at the 2013 New Zealand Nurses Organisation Annual hui, the Kei Tua o Te Pae: Changing Worlds, Changing Tikanga – Educating History and the Future conference and the Hawkes Bay District Health Boards Research Symposium. I can deliver the main themes of this research in 20 minutes or 3-4 hours depending on time frames.

So far the response I have had has been overwhelmingly positive. The kaupapa is about more than menstruation. Its about Māori metaphysics and philosophies that have been lost across our colonial history. Its about the bond between genders and between generations. Its about our spiritual traditions and the reclaimation of ceremonies and tikanga that are positive and empowering for our people. Above all else I have learned that this kaupapa, Te Awa Atua, Waiwhero, is inclusive.

I can tailor a presentation to meet your roopu. I can also be contacted for book launches of Te Awa Atua and Waiwhero for your area or organisation. You can contact me through this website or through email at

Below are participant comments from past presentations:

“Discussing and providing in-depth references regarding Maui and the menstruation cycle, was an empowering presentation, which created the most energy during the conference. Ngahuia Murphy left the audience wanting more of her energy and passion… I looked at my daughter differently when i got home that night…”.

“Ngahuia is amazing..very inspirational woman, empowering, thought – provoking, absolutely ataahua”.

“Ngahuia gave me an understanding of the characteristics of wahine Maori in general. Very deep and very inspiring”.

“Session…taught me a lot about the gender balance, the Maori world, made me want to question what I had been told, and that makes me want to share it in the schools. Im inspired to help with that”.

“What a fabulous kaupapa and a lot of research went into it. Amazing discussion”.